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Amanda + Nick | Lambertville Station Inn Wedding Photographer

I don’t even know where to start with Amanda + Nick’s wedding. It is one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever done for so many reasons. I met Amanda and her wonderful mom who was helping her plan her wedding because Nick is in the Air Force and stationed in Arizona. So Amanda was planning their wedding in New Jersey, as well as planning a move to Arizona right after the wedding, AND finishing up the semester of school. Needless to say she was one of the busiest brides I’ve ever had, but you never would have known. I have never had a happier, more positive bride. She ended up having to have surgery only a couple of days before the wedding, and if I hadn’t seen her with ice packs strapped to her stomach I never would have even known. She stayed upbeat throughout the day, showing off her beautiful smile.

Amanda + Nick started off their day getting ready at Lambertville Station Inn with their bridal party and parents. After Amanda did a first look with her dad it was time for some photos. I was told in advance how much they loved photos together, and to expect their photo mantra.. ‘cheek to cheek!’ And all of their family and friends knew, when anyone said it, they came in nice and close for the photos. It was so cute and fun to see all day. After their beautiful church ceremony, we came back to Lambertville Station Inn for the reception. It was such a fun night, full of love and smiles and laugher. I already said how beautiful Amanda’s smile was, and you can see it throughout these photos because she couldn’t stop smiling all day and night. She told it was because this was the happiest day of her life. And while that may have been true, you can also tell it was because she’s happy all the time, and just part of a family that is full of happiness. This wedding was such a great reminder of why I do what I do. So thank you Amanda + Nick, for allowing me to share in such a special moment in your lives. I will never forget it. pintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterest


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